The musical roots of Tomaz go back to his father’s record collection, ranging from classical over country to French chanson and pop music, to the new wave and rock scene of the 70’s and 80’s. In his early dj days he played mainly rock parties but it wasn’t long before he started to introduce the first house and techno tunes at parties and local radio stations (Scoplia Haacht, Sinjaal Leuven, Reflex Mechelen).

His obsession for music drove him towards a job at an iconic record store, BCM  Music Import (later Enterprise Records), where he guided music-crazed lovers through the musical jungle. In the late nineties Tomaz took it to a new level giving a first shot at production with Kobbe, resulting in several 12"es on labels like Re-Load, Invasion and Future Frontier. After those came the successful collaborations with the Filterheadz: "More House", the latin techno hit "Los Hijos del Sol" and the major worldwide clubhit "Sunshine" on Carl Cox' Intec label. "Sunshine" is one of the best selling singles on Intec and one of the biggest techno crossover anthems of all time. It just got re-released in 2012 on Umek’s 1605 label. “Los Hijos Del Sol” will also see a re-release and will undoubtedly repeat it’s initial success.

In 2000 Tomaz moved from the local radio stations to Belgian national radio Studio Brussel where he became techno programmer for the weekly show Switch. For ten years he brought the best electronic music to an international audience, selecting and mixing the tunes and inviting national and international guests to the studio. On the dj front Tomaz roamed the continent, playing nearly every club and festival in the country and abroad.

Today, together with his good friend Deg, he is curating the techno channel for the Brussels branch of, a music platform that lets people discover new music online. But don’t think that Tomaz is just a techno guy. His musical taste is much wider than that. So don’t be surprised to see him on a line up for a house party, to find a classic electro mix on his mixcloud page or to hear him play disco and funk all night long. As long as the music’s good…

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