Outlander aka Marcos Salon is a name that should ring a bell with any discerning house and techno lover. Figurehead of the glory days of R&S, creator of ‘The Vamp’, which sounds just as fresh today as it did upon release 20 years ago, and allround studio wizard involved in such diverse projects as Liasons-D, In-D, TZ, Telepaticos and the man behind the mastering of cutting edge house label We Play House Recordings. Marcos has never stopped being busy with music, and recently he decided to bring his Outlander sounds back on stage with a killer live set consisting of a bunch of his gems from the last 20 years. Energetic, raving, musical and utterly danceable, the Outlander live is just what you need to get the dancefloor into a state of raving bliss. A revival of things past? As far as Marcos is concerned the spirit of the oldskool has never left!